How to save money with the automated rules of Google AdWords

Google puts it to us easy. We create an account of publicity in Google Adwords, created a campaign, we designed some announcements and we start up a pile of key words.

Surely Google already will be had advance and a coupon of Google Adwords with 70,00‚¬ of credit will have given us to spend in its platform of publicity.

It and to create our Adwords account we will have had to facilitate our number and credit card of our bank account. Up to here everything has been easy, although only until the first payment.

Most probable it is than we have invested a good handful of Euros in a few key words suggested by the tools that Google puts to our disposition, Google Adwords Keyword Tool or the planner of the Network of Display. And most probable it is than we have obtained some clicks in our announcements, but few or no contact.

It will be a question to sharpen the tool; here it is where we are going away to leave the skin of the yolks of the fingers, 2 million of neurons and some hundreds of Euros more. The algorithm of Google will already take care that thus is.

Google Adwords is the greater source of income of Google. A platform of unique publicity online that used well is an exceptional source of contacts, clients and sales. But you must consider a question:

The algorithm of Google Adwords is designed to make the maximum possible money with the advertisers

Google Adwords is an auction online and in real time based on cost by click (CPC), payments if somebody makes click in your announcement and so that somebody makes click in your announcement you must appear in the first positions of all the list of advertisers who Google shows in each search.

How to appear in the first positions of Google Adwords?

There are several factors that determine the ranking of advertisers:

  • Amount of bids up it
  • Agreement of the keyword search and your key words
  • Agreement between the keyword search and the words that conform your announcement.
  • CTR or Throught Click of the key words that activate your announcements
  • Agreement between the keyword that activates your announcement and the content of the page
  • Geographic segmentation of the announcement
  • Segmentation of the types devices

Next to the amount of it bids up it these and some more, are the quality factors of the announcements that take part and determine the position of an announcement in the results of Google.

As you can verify is quite complicated to obtain that our announcements are sufficiently good so that with a low amount in you bid up them we secure first positions between the advertisers.

In the end, which more account is the amount of bids up it. At the most high they are you bid up them better for Google. Nevertheless Google Adwords strives in awarding the quality of the announcements with the intention of which the grill of advertisers keeps some minimum from coherence.

But what has been shelp, in the end the money commands. And it is here when we give the whole by the whole and the auction of clicks goes off until curing our credit card.

Then, How we have to optimize our campaign of Google Adwords?

We give some you you rule to begin with good foot:
  • It determines a monthly budget destined to digital publicity
  • It divides to that budget in 2 parts and test with 2 platforms for example Google Adwords and Facebook ADS.
  • The budget that you destine to Google Adwords divides enters it 30 to assign a daily budget to our campaign.

Of this form we will have the budget of our campaign of Google controlled Adwords and we will not have scares to end of month.
Now it mounts the campaign. You can see the help that Google offers you to begin, although if already you have it mounted now I tell a strategy you with which you will not fail.

It remembers that Google is a robot and Google Adwords is an auction in which you compete with the rest of advertisers

Super strategy of optimization of the yield of your campaigns

Essentially it consists of maintaining ours you bid up for the fit key words so that our announcements always are published in 1ª and 2ª position that is the most visible places and than takes the greater amount of clicks, WITHOUT PAYING MORE OF the ACCOUNT.

We are going to create a pair of rules automated in Google Adwords:
For it accedes to your campaign and it selects to the eyelash Key words. Fact this accedes to the eyelash To automate and selects the option: To change you bid up of CPC max. when€¦

Fix you to the following configuration:
This automated rule will do the following thing. A 10% will fall bids up it of the keyword if the position average that is offering the word that activates the announcements is better than 2. Osseous that the announcements are appearing between 1ª and 2ª position.

The rule will be executed every day to 00,00 on the basis of the position average that the keyword obtained the previous day.

With this rule we are going to obtain that our key words do not pay to Google more money to him than the necessary one to hold those positions of high visibility.

But that will happen if our keyword falls below 2ª position?
First that will happen it is that the automated rule will not be executed as is normal. And the following thing that will happen is that we will begin to lose clicks when falling of positions and to appear with the advertisers of the column of the right.

The solution is shining and effective. We are going to create a rule automated inverse to the previous one.

Fix you to the following configuration:
This rule will do the following thing. A 10% will increase bids up it if the position average of the keyword that activates the announcements is worse than 2. Osseous that our announcements are appearing below 2ª position.

This strategy will allow us that you bid up them of our key words stay constantly bidding up the amount exclusively necessary to maintain some positions that allow a good level us of clicks, while our competitors manually leave to the eyelashes fitting hundreds of key words.

If Google Adwords is a robot, we program the robot so that it faces our competitors

Still there is more. There several advice go:
  • He proves the rules before keeping them. You can do it from the button: Previous Vista of the results. Of this form you will know how it will affect to the set of your key words.
  • It controls the rules from the menu: Operations in block of Google Adwords > automated Rules.
  • It forms the rules so that Google notifies the changes every day to you in you bid up them of your key words.

This it is the graph of the campaign of one of our clients to who we have applied our strategies of optimization of Adwords accounts.

Google Ads
If you pay attention to the graph their positions hold over 2ª position while their CPC, cost by low click average since we applied the automated rule.

And if you see it already complicated you know, here you must to help to us to secure results you with your campaign of Google Adwords.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?