What is the RTB or Real Time Bidding

The RTB or Real Time Bidding is the technology that allows the purchase of advertising space online by means of an auction in real time, and that it has as objective to secure advertising impacts to the smaller possible price.

Bidding, in English, means auction. Real Time Bidding or RTB consists indeed of that: an auction in real time of the different advertising spaces.

The RTB is a part of the Programmatic Publicity that allows the auction in real time and of automated form. of all the advertising space that there is, for example, in a digital newspaper. 

How work does the RTB or Real Time Bidding?

The RTB or Real-Time Bidding is a very complex process, that allows that, of automated form and in a matter of milliseconds, the auction of the different advertising spaces is realised online available, considering the inventory that offers the side of the supply and the sale price, with the interest on the part of the demand to announce in these spaces, as well as the price of purchase.

And all this in real time, thanks to a complicated technology.

The technology of auction in real time, Real-Time Bidding, is applied in different agents, that they are:

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP). It is the demand platform or it buys, that is in charge to leak and to categorise to the users on the basis of the data picked up after its navigation (by means of the cookies), and to pick up the auctions realised by the advertisers. The added value generates it when relating and to show the announcement the profile of more significant user.
  • Sell Side Platform (SSP). It is the platform of supply or sale, that stores stocks of pages with publiciario space, and that is in charge to maximize the income of the different supports. How? The SSP filters best means for each advertiser according to the public who usually sails by them, who already are categorisen and analyzed thanks to the cookies.
  • Ad Exchange Server. It is the platform that relates to buyers and salesmen. She is the one in charge to offer the impressions within an advertising space to the best price, obtained by means of auction, thanks to technology RTB.
  • Data bases. Big Data plays a great role for all the agents, who nourish themselves of the data of the users to complete the process.

Really, Real-Time Bidding is a process in which the different means look for that offer advertising spaces that have still not sold advertisers who want to make programmatic publicity directed to the adapted users more for their business.

Of this form, the announcement is offered to the best profile of objective public. The means offer that space to the advertisers, who bid up in order that their announcements appear in the best places to the best possible price.

Therefore, when a user is sailing by a webpage that offers space available to integrate announcements, the Ad Exchange is in charge to offer that space to the advertiser who is prepared to pay the price of auction, to be that customized announcement the user, based on his behavior, of the thematic one of the webpage, as well as of other sociodemographic aspects as sex, age, etc.

In a matter of milliseconds, the user begins to take hits of different announcements (and advertisers) while he visualizes the webpage.

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Benefits of Real Time Bidding

By means of the system of Real-Time Bidding, all the parts that take part in the process obtain a benefit.

  • The means are able to sell the space that they have left available to the best price.
  • The advertisers appear in the best places to the best possible price.
  • The users receive the impressions of publicity of products and services in which they are interested, and are more giving to clicar in them.

In the operative one of management of the RTB campaigns, or SEM, one of the challenges is to obtain those better prices in you bid up them in real time. So that the advertisers really obtain benefits, it is necessary that those you bid up constantly are reviewed.

In Nature Digitalis, as experts in optimization of campaigns, we used rules and robots of bid up that they allow our clients to secure results to the smaller cost, that is to say, of having advertising compatible means impacts to the best possible price.

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