SEO in €» Strategies of High performance

You want to appear in the first results search in Google? Would You like to be able quality traffic to increase your sales?

A strategy SEO of high performance allows to obtain to positions TOP you for the more important key words for your business, attracting traffic and visits of quality towards your Web, and increased your sales.

What you obtain with the SEO?

Qualified traffic

We realise a previous investigation envelope what key words are most excellent and representative for your business. Later, we optimized the contents by those keywords to catch qualified traffic for your website.


To have a good positioning in Google contributes to visibility and recognition to you. To appear in the first results search increases your options to obtain to new clients interested in your products and/or services.

To sell More

If you offer to him to a user which walks looking for, your options of sale are increased considerably. And we know how to do it! To greater visibility and qualified traffic, more sales you will obtain in your business.

SEO  strategy

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Which is the objective of the SEO?

The SEO (Optimization Search Engine) looks for the correct optimization of your website not only concerning SEO Onpage, but also of SEO Offpage.

To work the SEO of your webpage helps to secure better positions you in the ranking of results search of Google and, therefore, to increase the qualified traffic towards your webpage.

With one optimized positioning strategy you can let, consequently, grow the sales of your services or products and the volume of your business.

To whom it goes directed the SEO?

An advanced service of SEO is directed to administrators and managers of webpages of company and electronic commerce that need to drive the organic traffic of their Web for the pick up of potential clients, with the purpose of to increase the sales of services or products of its business.

Of what a strategy consists SEO?

You don't secure the results that you hoped in Internet? Doesn't Your business grow as it would have? You don't manage to attract qualified clients from the finders as Google? You aren't able to position your page or website in the first results? You do not worry. In B-Cashing  we are going to work the positioning SEO of your page to increase the qualified traffic of users with the purpose of to let grow your business and of securing results.

| B-Cashing , gets hold of specialized in SEO

The equipment Digitalis SEO Nature  will analyze the architecture, the content and the present positioning of your Web with respect to those of your competitors, will inform to you into the situation and will define a customized strategy of positioning for your site. Our objective is to attract more visits from Google so that you can sell more.

What includes a strategy SEO?

SEO Keyword Research

We analyze and we determined the set of suitable key words for a positioning viable SEO, that allows to increase the qualified traffic from Google to your Web in means term.


We create a strategy natural outpost and of linkbuilding, or SEO offpage, with the aim of increasing the authority of your domain. This means that we secured value connections that aim at your website.

SEO Onpage

We optimize SEO Onpage, working the architecture and the organization of your website, as well as the semantics of texts of the different pages from content, and reindexamos the realised improvements.

Analytical Web

Also we realised a pursuit and continued monitoring of the traffic Web and the ranking of key words to be able to continue improving constantly.

And what does not include?

The service of SEO does not include action of digital marketing CPC, that is to say, cost by click (that normally are realised in Google Adwords) nor other additional and complementary strategies, that we can propose to you to increase the yield of the website.