Google, killer or enterrador of the SEO?

This it is not an article more: this goes in serious

Perhaps it surprises to you to read this, or perhaps no, but all the companies look for their maximum economic yield, and Google is not an exception. Although that means to assassinate to the SEO.

For which tenth this?

During years, Google has fed the industry on the SEO, as which it gets fat to a chicken, and now seems that it is going away to eat crude.

For the finder, its true source of income is Google AdWords, or as it is known now, Google Ads. It is where the companies invest their budget of publicity that is going to stop directly to Google.

Then, for which Google has fed the SEO all these years?

Very simple: Google has taken advantage webmasters, professionals and consultants SEO and, generally, of the content creators Web. It has taken to them to design webpages so that they could be understood by his system.

With this feedback between the industry SEO and Google, all left winning: the experts SEO had a business that to explode, that seemed eternal, and Google perfected its finder, that by anything has not become unquestionable leader in almost everybody western one.

The quality level, concerning harmony between the searches and the results, is brutal: the algorithms, the semantic Web€¦ They are the crown jewel of Google, and they have been perfected thanks to the industry of the SEO. But the SEO does not produce income to Google.

And now, what?

By all this, Google is transferring the thickness of its business to the payment platforms. No longer only we spoke of Google Ads, but also of its Marketplace future, thought to do the competition to him to Amazon, and that will be based on Google Shopping.

We do not know if Google is the assassin of the SEO, nor how much this business will last.

What yes it is clear is that, in many cases, the SEO already is buried.

For that reason, and although nobody doubt that he has been one of the fundamental pillars of Digital Marketing, now more than ever is necessary to consider other strategies, mainly, in these examples that we expose to you, where it would be suicidal a your company to invest a single Euro in positioning at least.

SEO Gratuito report

1. Your competition is voracious

The most frequent case in the one than the SEO is not profitable is a sector where the competition is very strong. If your competitors take to many years working the positioning and investing much money, it is very probable that you require a too big investment, as much in time as in budget, to notice no result.

In this situation, it is responsibility of the agency of Marketing Online or the professional SEO warning to you of the cost and approximate period that the SEO will take in giving results you.

Then you will only be able to decide with freedom if you want to hope to obtain results while you are investing considerably in positioning. The important thing is here that you feel that they are giving all the information you, that you have confidence.

It does not pass anything if the SEO is dead for your product or service by the strong competition. You will be able then to evaluate other tools to position in finders, as Google AdWords, or to even secure visibility in Social Networks.

2. Your budget is limited

Perhaps this it is your case: you are not a great brand, you do not have income liabilities for the day to day of your company and need faster results to be able to begin to grow.

If this happens, it gives just as the competition she is loose: probably, there are other actions of Marketing Online that give a return you of the easiest investment and quickly.

With a small budget, and if your potential clients realise searches related to your services or products in Google, it can be good idea to begin with Ads: you can invest little money and obtain results of fast and agreed form to which you have invested.

Once your business is based and you can dedicate more estimating to Digital Marketing (and, mainly, when you have made sure that Google is a good one via selling or promoting your supply), you will be able to think about the long term with a positioning strategy, that guarantees an important position to you in your sector in the digital plane.

3. Your product or service is not sold well by Google

To what we talked about when tenth that you must assure to you that Google is a good one via selling or supplying your products and services?

Then to that all the services or products are not susceptible to be sold through finder.

And you will say, how? If not it selvage by Google, how I am going to sell by Internet?

Sometimes, neither the SEO nor AdWords are the solution. If we observed that your product or service does not have searches, does not have sense to invest budget in appearing first for four cats.

You must look for a form to arrive at the users when they do not look for to you, or do not even know nor that your product exists.

This it is the clearest case of Marketing in Social Networks. Perhaps you do not enter every day search in Google, but of course every day you accede to a social network.

It is there where you can hit thematic users who have shown product interest or related and that, oh, surprise! They are going to discover to you without Google takes part.

Once again, when your brand, your service or product or your sector generally are more based in the market, probably searches in Google begin to take place, in which it will interest to you to be positioned with a good strategy SEO well.

4. Your service is considered €œurgent€

The SEO does not have much either to do in the sectors where the supplied services are urgent, as locksmiths, plumbers, plungers, express electricians or repairers.

You imagine a drastic situation, because your house is being flooded or you cannot accede, in which you put yourself to compare results of Google, to prospect and to lower several results? We no.

The normal thing in these emergency cases is that you click and you call at the most to the first result that leaves, or to the second. And those results are announcements of Google Ads (product of a SEM strategy).

Therefore, it does not have sense to try to secure contacts of that type with SEO.

5. Google has buried to the SEO

Finally, this it is the case in which it is own the Google that kills to the SEO.

Not your competition, neither your budget, nor your product nor your sector.

When tenth that Google has killed and buried to the SEO in some searches, we are not being ironic nor figurative.

We speak literally of which the finder has buried to the organic positioning.

Real AdWords example

You see some result SEO? We either.

When Google detects that a search is very competed and that it is a sector where he is profitable to make publicity (profitable, mainly, for own Google), force to the companies to need Google AdWords to secure visibility.

In the example you can observe how the organic results are buried under four announcements of Google Ads, and even a map with the location of the companies nearest the user, with other three results. This is especially common for terms that make reference to businesses with physical presence.

In this way, the user must lower much to find that first result SEO. To be first in SEO, this case, does not serve don't mention it, because that position is the seventh u ocatava in real terms.

And without entering to speak than it would happen in a movable terminal, where your potential clients would not see you, almost surely, although your business would be first in terms of positioning, because the results SEO would be seen after doing several scrolls.

Considering that the majority of searches nowadays is made via mobile, to invest in positioning, in this case, it would be as occurring a stab to one same one.

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