SEO for Stores Online: Advice To optimize the SEO of your store online

He applies to these ideas in your eCommerce and Improvement your Positioning

The success of your store online begins by the positioning of your product. If your product is not visible as a result of a search in Google, you will never sell nothing.

Without positioning there is no traffic, and without traffic there are no sales.

When somebody solicits to us to optimize the SEO of a store online is because it does not sell, and this can have to two reasons essentially:

  • That the page and its product are invisible in the finder, that is to say, that do not appear in Google by the most common searches.
  • That it is not possible to be bought. Yes, there are it this good. How many times you have realised a complete purchase in your own commerce online? Ever since you register yourself until you receive the product. You have proven all the forms of payment? In many occasions, the clients do not buy because they cannot pay, since the payment process does not work correctly.

But in this article we are going away to center in the first cause: a bad positioning of your store online in Google.

If your product is invisible, nobody will find it and, if nobody finds it, they are not going it to you to buy.

In order to know why a store online does not sell, usually we ask the clients an access to his statistic, normally, to Google Analytics. Thus we can know with exactitude what is happening in the Web concerning traffic, although the normal thing is that the access data are very poor almost always.

In addition, we make an exhaustive analysis of one to the pages of product of the store online.

With this information, we can draw conclusions exceeds how and who has developed and implanted that electronic commerce. Of the reading of the source code already we take control an idea of the level of knowledge SEO of the professional who has created that store online.

Analysis of a product page: the name

The name that you put to him to the product is very important concerning SEO. A bad denomination or an incorrect order of the terms that compose it even is of the main causes so that the users do not find it.

Example 1: Blemil Extra 1 Forte Infantile Milk 800g

Advice SEO lie down online

We put the example to you of one of our clients, a product store for babies.

If we make a verification on the volume of searches to the month that have the words that compose the name of the product, we obtain:

  • Blemil: 3,600 searches/month.
  • Blemil Extra 1 Forte: 390 searches/month.
  • Infantile milk: 390 searches/month.

Consequently, we have constructed to the name of the product ordering the words according to the volume of searches average. As you see, we are prioritizing the terms that have a greater volume of searches and, consequently, taking care of the conduct that develops the users.

We will leave in the tail of the name of the product, therefore, those terms that are accessory information, as the weight, the reference, the color, etc.

The final composition would be:

[Blemil]€¦ [Extra 1 Forte]€¦ [Infantile Milk]€¦ [800g]

Example 2: Vibrating ring Alive Power Ring Azul

To improve SEO Tienda Online

In this second example, we do the same with a product of sexshop online:

  • Vibrating ring: 12,100 searches/month.
  • Alive Power: 10 searches/month.
  • Alive Power Ring: 0 searches/month.

In this case, the term with more searches is €œvibrating ring€, and for that reason we have located it in the first place of the denomination of the product.

It is common to only find defined product names by the model of the product but, if we had done that, the product would be positioned by a term with the lowest volume of searches. And above, the model €œAlive Power€ is in English.

So the ideal concerning SEO is that the product is denominated:

[Vibrating Anillo]€¦ [Alive Power Blue Ring]€¦ []

Although it is certain that for the term €œvibrating Ring€ we have a high level of competition, for the Long Tail (terms complementary collaterals or), we obtain positions on the front page.

More advice SEO for the name of your products

  • The optimal length of the name of the product is of 70 characters.
  • The name of the product must be unique in your store online.
  • You never copy the names defined by your competition or the manufacturer.
  • It uses the same name that you have defined for your product in the configuration SEO of the product of your store online.

Positioning of a Store Online: 4 ideas more

In addition to the form to name your products, for the positioning of a store online other factors are important.

The election of the platform of eCommerce

That the platform that you choose allows the management SEO of the catalogue of products and categories is key, and many tools nor name it.

Several platforms exist that are almost impossible to position by their own architecture, and which in the same way they do very difficult to make SEO concerning products or concrete categories. An example would be 1&1.

This means that you will be tied for always to payment strategies (SEM), because above you cannot migrate to any other system.

For that reason it is important to have an independent platform with hosting and a servant located in Spain (1&1, for example, has the datacenters in Germany), discharge dispobinibilidad and guarantee of yield, because the commerces move data bases constantly.

Your tool of electronic commerce would have to incorporate a total management of titles and descriptions SEO (Friendly Title and Friendly Description), customizaci³n of key words (Keywords Customization) and reescritura of directions Web (URL Rewriting) for all your catalogue of products, categories, manufacturers and pages of content.

Automatization of the Sitemap

Another aspect important to position your store online will be the automatization of the Sitemap or map of the site.

Considering that the webpages of an electronic commerce are susceptible to increase, to fall constantly and to change, it is important to maintain informed to the finders into the up-to-date content.

For it, your Sitemap must be dynamic and to update itself of automatic form.

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Feeds de Producto

The tool that you choose for your electronic commerce must be able to generate feeds of product. As you know, Google offers a series of products through Google Shopping, and to position a store online it is very important that they appear there.

So that your catalogue leaves in this finder specialized in products, your feed must fulfill a certain format, so that the products can be indexed correctly. This same system also is used by Yahoo, in its Yahoo Shopping.

Classification and descriptions

The nomenclature not only is important in the product titles, but also in the categories. The distribution of your catalogue in categories not only is useful for the user, since it finds what looks for quickly, but it allows you to position your store online through the product types who you offer.

In addition, a correct writing of the short and long descriptions of your products also will give you; a good positioning for the product pages. You must have in mind that, in an electronic commerce, the immense majority of the accesses does not land in home, but in the product pages.

If you follow all these advice, you will enormously improve the SEO of your store online, but your task of optimization does not finish here!

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