Social Average Marketing €» Strategies and Campaigns of Publicity in Social Networks

Power your brand and business in the main Social Networks.

What you will obtain with the Social Average Marketing?

You will contribute Value

If you offer original content, present and of quality, that satisfies the needs with your potential clients, you will be contributing value to them and generating confidence for your brand, products or services.

You will increase your Visibility

Community creates to your around and orients your messages to those users that bears relation to your brand and is compatible to which you sell, and turns you into the referring company of your sector.

You will increase your Sales

When showing your product or service your objective public constantly and to satisfy its needs, you reinforce the presence of your brand in its mind and increase your sales.

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In Nature Digitalis we are expert in Social Ads Average Marketing in social networks as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

The strategies of distribution of contents design based on the objective, that is to say, of €œtarget of users€ or segments of population to which we went, and of the type of content to distribute.

Phases of a Campaign of Social Ads Average Marketing

  1. We could define the following phases in the development of a campaign of Social Average Marketing:
  2. Analysis and design of the action.
  3. Creation of feed or radiant body of the content.
  4. Selection of the social networks in which we will develop the action.
  5. Configuration of distributing profiles.
  6. Creation of tools and applications Web within the social networks.
  7. Diffusion: connection of feeds with the social networks and connection of the profiles with fans, friendly, followers and other groups of distribution.

Marketing in Social Networks.

Social ADS

  • The main social networks, as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, count with million active users in each of them, perfectly classified and categorisen based on:
  • Age.
  • Sex.
  • Location.


This classification, cradle in up-to-date data, allows to directly send your messages you to your objective public, that is to say, to those people who have relation and so she commercializes your company.

For this reason, the publicity in the Social Networks (Social Ads), through platforms of advertisers as Facebook ADS, Instagram ADS or YouTube ADS, is so effective.

In Nature Digitalis we took more than to 10 years executing advertising strategies of success in the main social networks, optimizing the investment and obtaining a ROI (return of the investment) positive.