Factory for Local Businesses

You have a local business and you need to give impulse him?

It increases the number of clients and the sales of your local business with our strategies of digital marketing

In Nature Digitalis we had been more than 25 years designing and executing strategies of digital marketing for all type of companies and understand that the local businesses have a limited budget of investment.

For this reason, we have developed this factory practical to teach to you to gain visibility and that you are who execute the strategies of digital marketing that needs your local business, or a restaurant, a hairdressing salon, a pharmacy, a consultant's office, a gymnasium, etc.

How it is our factory?

In our factory we taught to you how to increase the sales and the number of clients of your local business being used strategies of digital marketing.

Actual and limited

We distribute our factory of actual form in our office of , with a limited number of places (4 people by factory), to show to you which is the best form for your business of gaining visibility.


The theory is important, but the practice is it more. We taught to you how you must realise campaigns of digital marketing to harness your business.

Oriented to results

Don't mention it serves that you learn to make a thing if soon you do not execute it and you take it to the action. For this reason, our factory is oriented to that you secure the results that you look for: more visibility, more clients and more sales.

You want to increase the sales of your local business?

Factory for Local Businesses

What we taught you in our exclusive factory for local businesses

It learns what you need to impel your business online

2 fundamental and very powerful tools for the local businesses as yours exist: Facebook ADS, the advertising tool of the social network Facebook, and Google My Business, the tool of Google that allows to as much locate your business you in the finder as in Google Maps.

Facebook Ads

  1. Why to make marketing in the social networks
  • Hearing
  • Territorial and sociodemographic segmentation      
  • Recurrence

  1. Why businesses are optimal
  • Product of consumption. Visibility of products and promotions
  • Physical points of sale. Meaning and notoriety.
  • Visibility of products or services

  1. What to publish
  • Content of value
  • Commercial content

  1. How to promote a content
  • To create a page of the business on Facebook 
  • Creation of an account Facebook ADS

Google My Business

  1. What is Google My Business

  2. What is Google Maps

  3. Differences between accounts of company and locations

  4. The importance of the reviews in Google Maps

  5. SEO Local: he positions your local business in Google

  6. How to make use of the directories of companies

    We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?