Stores Online in : It sells by Internet of Professional form

Would You like to sell your products in Internet? Then you need a professional store online

E-commerce or lies down online must be developed with a professional tool, that allows you to realise the changes necessary to be able to harness your sales.

What needs a professional store online?

To facilitate the management of your product

There are aspects that are determining for the success of a store, as the configuration of the attributes of the product (color, size, size, classification, etc.) or the control of stocks.

To make possible discounts and supplies

In order to increase the sales of your store or e-commerce, it must be simple for you to generate coupons and supplies, to foment the related product cross-selling, to change the discounts€¦

To offer management tools

Another excellent point is the power to manage of simple form the different tariffs and profiles from clients, to control the shipment and the logistics, the methods of payment, the fiscality of products, etc.

 lies down online

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What aspects are fundamental in a commerce online?

  • A store online must be correctly developed and categorisen, and tell on a series of fundamental aspects that they allow you to work efficiently:
  • Configuration of product attributes: color, size, size, etc.
  • Management of the structure of the product catalogue of your store: families, subfamilies, manufacturers or brands.
  • Multiple images and labelling for each product.
  • Control of stocks and events of stock.
  • Product finder in the Web.
  • Related product management.
  • Management of cross-sellings.
  • Management of coupons of discount and cards gift.
  • Management of multiple tariffs and profiles of client.
  • Design Web oriented to the usability and conversion
  • Management of the SEO, search engine optimization, creation of feeds of product for Google Shopping and microformats oriented to the supply of products.
  • Oriented logistic control of shipment and to the electronic commerce.
  • Management of the product fiscality.
  • Methods of payment: Paypal, credit card, banking transference, against-reimbursement, to gather in store€¦
  • Services of attention to the client.
  • Services of publication of the news, blogs, forums, surveys, valuations of products€¦
  • Distribution in social networks.

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