Video Marketing in : Strategies of marketing and positioning Web

The video marketing is one of the marketing techniques, is present at and positioning Web more effective than exists.

The technique consists of the production of a content in format of video of short duration, its correct publication and distribution in Internet.

To the people it enchants to us that they tell the things us.

The perfect example of the success of this format of marketing is Youtube. With more than 8 years of life the platform of video by Internet throws amazing numbers. The users publish in her more than 100 hours of video per minute. He is not something preposterous when this giant multimedia is serving more than 50,000 videos per second in all the planet. The numbers speak in case single; it enchants to us that they tell the things us.

But, how to emphasize before such volume of content multimedia?

This is one of the difficulties of the strategies of the video marketing: that they see us. As in any strategy of marketing the first step is to clearly define the objective that is persecuted. It can be the promotion of a product or service, show to his use and application, draw attention of a certain segment of the population and to even improve the positioning of a webpage.

Next I relate 3 aspects to you that I consider fundamental so that a video strategy marketing works and that they affect directly to the production of the video piece:

The content
The content of a video is the most important aspect of its success. If what we counted is interesting, our users will award to us. Not only with the reproduction of the video but sharing it by means of anyone of the tools that Internet makes its available, essentially the social networks. In fact, Youtube is a specialized social network in video.

If we were able to interest, the users will be in charge of the rest creating an effect of viral distribution of our video.

The duration
If we observed that Youtube serves to day thousands of videos and that hopes that in 2014 90% of all the traffic of Internet are video, we would not have to realise excessively long pieces. This could produce that the interest of our users went away losing as advances the reproduction. The duration of a video will go based on its objective but I am going to you to recommend a time considered between 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes. In that time many things without getting can be counted to bore to our users.

The first 15 seconds are key. First you will have to catch his attention, later presents the product.

The distribution
The best form to distribute a video they are the one that realises the users, simply because likes what they have seen and they think that it can be interesting for the rest.

Invite of a clear form your users to that they realise something after the visualization of the video, animal to share it, to visualize another video, to subscribe to your channel of Youtube, to write commentaries, to do likes, to add I it to his favorites or to their own channels.

This you can obtain it by means of €œcalls to the action€ shelp in the own video or by means of the insertion of annotations or labels in the video.

Although it is certain, initially we will have to discover the video so that the users can begin to interact with him, remembers that every day thousands of hours of video are published and that ours will be, a drop in the ocean. This step is most complex within the distribution process.

The techniques of distribution of a video are one of the secrets better kept in an agency from digital marketing since on it will depend his success and the viralizaci³n of the video piece. The content can be fantastic, but nobody sees it, the effort will not serve don't mention it.

Essentially the more powerful channels of distribution are the social networks, the own Youtube platform, Facebook, Twitter, applications of instantaneous mail as Whatsup and the insertion in webpages.

I explain a trick to you to position a video in a webpage: The webpage, the name of the video file, the title of the video, their description and his keywords must be related.

For example:
  • The page in which is inserted the video is called: The beaches of . They see know them.
  • Name of the video file:
  • Title of the video: Beaches of : It sees know them
  • Description: The beaches of are between the best ones of Spain€¦

Despite I have spoken to you of the three aspects that vertebran a video conceived for the accomplishment of an action of digital marketing using video marketing, but is only important to know that the creation of video for Internet by itself will not secure the objective but it is framed within a strategy.

The quality of the production is not so important; a video for Internet does not have because to be expensive nor too many resources are necessary: overwhelming scenes, nor great activities, etc.

The really important thing is to like and to like in search of our objective.

As it happens on Facebook with the number of fans; a video with thousands of reproductions will not serve don't mention it if it does not fulfill the expectations for as it was realised.
So simple with making a Cake of Cheese and attracting our users to know the secret our prescription.

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