WhatsApp Business for Companies

WhatsApp Business already is a reality. WhatsApp is the greater company of instantaneous mail and it has already sent officially a new functionality oriented to the businesses and to the companies denominated WhatsApp Business.

In the middle of March of 2017, WhatsApp it announced that it was working in her, and from January of 2018 is in operation.

The objective of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp knows it clearly: its objective is to become the main communication channel, direct and instantaneous, between the businesses and their users or clients, since the mail network at the moment counts with more than 1,300 million active users.

Main app of mail, as much in Android as in iOS, allows the businesses now of being created an account of company, in which they will be able to add his main data, as for example:

  • Name of the business.
  • Phone number.
  • Address.
  • Description.
  • Webpage.
  • Schedule of Attention to the Client.
  • Category to which the business belongs.

Really, the objective of WhatsApp Business Marketing is to provide to each company the opportunity to communicate of a fast and simple form with its clients, when facilitating its main data from its account.

Messages automated from WhatsApp Business

The application of WhatsApp Business Marketing also offers the possibility of creating messages of welcome to the users, messages automated with fast answers to the most frequent questions, and of programming absence messages, for when they are not in labor schedule or they are not available to take care of the clients or potentials clients.

Strategies Marketing Companies

The new functionality of the App adds a section of statistics that allows to know how many usuary they have read the sent messages, being able to know what messages or contents are those that work and more catch the attention of the potential clients.

WhatsApp Business Marketing can also be used from the application of computer, through WhatsApp Web.

As far as the users, they know that they are speaking with a company or business because the profile is identified as €œcompany account€, in addition to seeing all the data available previously explained. In addition, the profile of company for a greater security will be able to be verified.

New opportunities for the companies

WhatsApp Business Marketing supposes for the companies to have a new form of direct and instantaneous communication with the users and potentials clients.

Having the consent of the users to receive information and to interact with the company account, it can be a channel very used to realise marketing strategies online and to provide contents and information of quality in a device that all we took always above, and through a platform that we used on a daily basis of repeated form.

With a good strategy, several enterprise objectives can be obtained, as spreading content, support of attention to the client, pick up of leads, redirigir traffic to website, etc. For this reason, this tool Integra easily in the strategies of Digital Marketing 360º that we developed in Nature Digitalis.

We worked together in a strategy of Marketing 360º for your business?